Omegle 4 Relay (Donation Drive Admin Prizes ITT)

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Omegle 4 Relay (Donation Drive Admin Prizes ITT) Empty Omegle 4 Relay (Donation Drive Admin Prizes ITT)

Post  Pandabola on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:09 pm

Atop the mead hall near the entrance of Broschwitz you will see a weird looking platform. It is the first branch of what I hope to turn into a large rail hub that reaches all the awesome places in our world. The current leg leads to the Lost City of Sigma, and is almost done. Unfortunately that path alone set me back a good 500+ sections of track. I am willing to do the following for donated iron (feel free to suggest more prizes):

9 Iron Ingots (1 cube): 1 bonus chunk to claim for your town
36 Iron Ingots (4 cubes): Change your own title (I can add a prefix, suffix, change colors, etc. to your chat name)
54 Iron Ingots(6 cubes): Change someone else's title (same as above applies)


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